General Terms and Conditions for Advertising Contracts   

  • Information about the provider– BDS Enterprise 
  • Company Director or Founder – Founder of KAAM and BDS Enterprise  
  • Address-  Registered Office of BDS Enterprise And Working Office Of KAAM C210 Sector 36  Gr Noida U.P. India. 201310 
  • Website-
  • 2. Advertising Contract Advertising contract, in terms of the following general terms and conditions, is the contract between the KB Publisher and the client concerning the publication of one or more advertising media by advertisers or other parties placing advertisements (KB Client) in magazines, on websites, newsletters, e-magazines and other media, at home and abroad, for the purpose of circulation. 
  • 3. Advertising Materials An advertisement may consist of one or more of the following elements: • from an image, text or graphics, • from sound sequences and moving images, • from a sensitive area which, when clicked initiates a connection to further data, at an    online or mobile address given by the Client which are linked to the Client’s or a third party’s webpage.    Basically, for the publication of advertising materials only formats are possible, which are shown in the current price list. Special advertising formats are possible after consultation and examination by the Publisher. 
  • A “call-up” comes about when the Client makes an advertising booking by email, fax, online form, letter or by telephone and confirms the booking with the publisher in writing (order confirmation). Each call-up becomes legally binding only after written confirmation by the Publisher. The communication can be done by mail or electronically.   
  • its only a contract of advertising in our KB Website, it not give you guarantee for the give you a work or service on daily basis our website is growing and more traffic from the visitor for the searching results like- finding labor worker profession service provider like- electrician , plumber etc.
  • Right of Rejection 
  • The KB  reserves the right to refuse advertising material – including individual call ups under the terms of a transaction, if their content violates laws or official regulations or if their content has been objected to by the India Advertising Council in a complaints procedure or if their publication should be deemed to be unreasonable for the Publisher or the affected publisher due to the content, design, origin or technical form or advertising which contains advertisements by or for third parties. 
  • Orders for advertising material, which do not meet the Publisher’s standards, are only binding for the Publisher after submission of the sample and its approval. 
  • KB is Paid listing Labor and Profession Workers or Service Provider.


    • This Charge for the lifetime for the Labor or Profession Worker. Its May be changed in future 
    • Our Listing owner Labors or Worker and Profession Worker And service provider will receive a call or Email Regarding Work OR Service from our Visitors  Person for the Service, Work ,Or Laboring Etc.
    • Our Listing owner Labors or Worker and Profession Worker And service provider  Needs to confirm  about the service, work or Rate and Price . 
    • Our Listing owner Labors or Worker and Profession Worker And service provider Needs to confirm about the work location, distance, timing, and pricing , our advise  don’t go in long distance for the work from your residential Location to work location Please confirm distance for the Work and laboring.
    • If Any type of  forgery from the Visitor person or Workers,  Profession Worker Service Provider and labor, Kaam Bazaar have not  any type of responsibility.
    • Our responsibility is only  will show your Ads in our website within your location for the work  with your approvals if acceptance of term and condition Any type of final judgement will be of Kaam
    • Don’t Give any Extra charge to our Associates for your listing in our website.
    • Associate will be reach at your location for the Listings to pay fees for the listings, fees will be as per the Category base.
    • Please Provide the Correct data for the listings and get benefits quickly. 
    • Associate need to see Docs of proof of address and ID Card While making listing in website
    • KB may, at any time in its sole discretion, with or without cause, terminate this Agreement and/or cancel any listings or links submitted under this Agreement.
    • All new Listings will be checked by an editor before the Listing goes live on the Website. This is so we can check that links are working, and proof-read content for spelling  & grammatical errors.
    • We aim to approve all Listings within 48 hours of payment receipt, and often much sooner. If there are any problems with the Listing we will contact you on the email address that you provided.
    • It is your responsibility to update your Listing should any information change. If you no longer sell products made in India you must inform us immediately by writing to
    • Auto-Renewal: Advertiser’s 2. Business Listing subscription will be automatically or manual  renewed for successive year terms, unless Advertiser notifies KB by sending an email with the words ‘CANCELLATION’ in the subject line to Advertiser shall deliver such notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the next renewal term. If KB is unable to process Advertiser’s credit card payment because the credit card has expired or is otherwise invalid, then may contact Advertiser to obtain payment information and/or cancel Advertiser’s subscription and/or run the credit card with updated expiration date.
    • The cost of the renewed Listing will be the then-current standard rate. Advertiser’s credit card will be charged the non-refundable renewal fee in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
    • Payment Method:- To Advertisement listing in our website need to pay with online with your Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Wallet etc. Save your transaction id for your future reference.
    • Refund and Returns Policy- Amount will be Refund in case transaction failed and amount was deduct from the user account  
    • Note- if listing was submit in portal or database for the same failure transaction and amount was deduct from account then support team will check and and approve listing in database and then amount will not be refund. and listing not submited in database or portal then we will refund the failure transaction in and was the deduct from the user account.
    • Amount will be refund in case transaction made twice for same Oder No. 

Employment Terms & Conditions
Probation- You Shall serve a minimum probation period of 3 months from the date of your joining the Company (“Probation”) following which
you shall get confirmed into the company by default unless you receive a letter for confirmation extension. The Company reserves the right
to extend the probation period for and additional three month in the event that your performance is not up to expectation.
Place of Posting- Your place of posting shall be at the Local of your residential place as know as work location however your services are transferable and you be assigned /transfer in India or outside of India to serve the company in any existing or future offices or any of its group group of company  for the External or Internal training etc.

Performance of the Duties – You shall be assigned with all the duties and responsibilities of the as per your post and such other duties on behalf of the company, as may be reasonably from time to time by the company’s management

Compensation – As Compensation for service to be rendered, you shall be paid an monthly and weekly Commission of the As your work as per plan, and commission will be transfer in your bank  A/c after tax deduction monthly  basis.

Award- Award will be Transfer in your Bank A/c as you meet your target. as per Plan category.

Termination of employment- During the probation period, either company or you may at any time terminate this letter of appointment without cause by any writing to the other party 1 month notice, company reserves the right either to accept your pay and allowance toward the notice period or demand for actual service during the notice period. you may terminate if you found any type of forgery with company without any pay.

Its Pleasure to welcome you as a part of KAAM as you know you powered by BDS Enterprise. We are confident that your employment with the company shall prove mutually beneficial and rewarding and we loo forward to have join us.

Confidentiality- The Term “confidentiality” shall include all information, whether written or oral that is not know by or not generally available to the public/outsiders at large and that concerns the business, activities, financial affairs, trade secrets technology of the company or otherwise relates to the company.

You undertake not to make copies or duplicates of any tangible confidential information or other sensitive property or material of the company. including but not limited to access cards, photographs or such other propriety information related to the company’s business.

You shall keep strictly confidential, details of your commission and the employment benefits provide you withing outside of company.

Disciplinary Action Procedure- Any Breach of the company regulation/polices, failure to attain or maintain a satisfactory work standard or any misconduct by an employee shall be regarded as disciplinary or capability matter. Your immediate superior shall normally deal with minor disciplinary matter.

Employee Personal Information- The Company understands the privacy of information  is important of you. the company does not sell or or otherwise share personally identification information except as provide. As your provided use of your personal Data held by the company for legal administrative and/ or management purposes. your further to the transfer your personal data to other members of the KB members like- DOB, Name, Bank information, Address and Proofs or identification docs, performance details commission and benefits  etc. we never sell.

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